Edible Oils

UNITED CAPS provides a comprehensive range of reliable standard and customised one-piece and two-piece closures for seed and olive oils, as well as vinegars, dressings and sauces.

Customers select our one-piece solutions because of the outstanding advantages they offer, including:

  • Efficiency for capping lines thanks to the functional shape of the closure

  • Optimum security for end users as closures offer tamper evidence (outer TE band)

  • Tamper evidence (TE) band tab can easily be grasped by the consumer thanks to innovative UNITED CAPS-patented feature

  • Single-hand opening due to hinge

  • Continual opening while pouring due to internal UNITED CAPS-patented anti-close tab

  • Competitive pricing as a result of our high production capacity and closure weight

  • Possibility of printing of brand image on cap

UNITED CAPS’s exceptional two-piece closures for this sector ensure:

  • Capping-line efficiency thanks to the optimized design of functional shape of the closure

  • Easy opening by unscrewing over cap and simple reclosing using snap on

  • Internally, TE provided by tear of membrane

  • No residue around the cap, so no dripping

  • Possibility of printing (on spout) and embossing (on over cap) of brand image

We also offer:

  • Guaranteed quality and food safety thanks to our advanced vision inspection systems

  • State-of-the art manufacturing facilities

  • Increased productivity for your business; our solutions are highly efficient on filling lines

  • Potentially, up to 30% lower weight closures, saving energy and lowering your carbon footprint

We understand your business

Edible oils have become a staple commodity in many households and therefore represent a growing sector which will continue to require novel solutions that differentiate products. We are the primary provider of these solutions to customers across Europe and are also a world leader. UNITED CAPS invests heavily in research and development (R&D) to continually provide advanced snap closures for glass and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles. We are the inventor of the then pioneering, now market standard cap-to-cap (CTC) closure. Our tailor-made two-component hinge closure that enables flow rate management of edible oil was especially appreciated by Lesieur for its premium brand.

Further inventions for edible oils and vinegars are being introduced all the time, such as 29/21 GREEN1P, a lightweight version of our mono-piece closure. Additional concepts under development include solutions dedicated to glass and PET finishes; 29/21 PROHINGE and 29/21 GREEN1P, as well as an original solution that expands our two-piece closure range. A novel two-piece closure is currently being devised to offer additional weight savings and cost effectiveness. Check our website regularly for news of new arrivals. We are also extending our portfolio for the dressings and sauces segments. Contact us to discuss how our solutions can meet the specific needs of your existing and forthcoming products.

Customers who already benefit from our innovative offerings for this sector include: Bimal, Brokelmann+Co, Bunge, Carapelli, Cargill, Charbonneaux - Brabant, Deoleo, Les Mousquetaires, Lesieur, Mercaoleo/Dcoop, Princes, Salov, Sovena, Thomy, Unilever, VFI, Ybarra/Migasa.

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