Dairy Products

UNITED CAPS is market leader in the provision of closures for high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottles for liquid dairy products, such as milks, flavoured milks and yoghurt drinks. We offer caps and closures for other types of liquid dairy containers too, including cartons and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles. Solutions for other dairy products; creams, soft cheeses, yoghurts and more also form part of our portfolio.

Our original and reliable solutions offer a number of unparalleled advantages, including:

  • Competitive pricing as a result of our high capacity moulds

  • Tamper evidence (TE) system available on snap caps.

  • No tooling costs as our products fit overall standard dimensions, such as 38 mm closures or snap caps.

  • Brand image can be assured with minor investment; we offer a range of colours and the possibility of embossing, printing or IML (In-Mould Labelling).

We also offer:

  • Guaranteed quality and food safety thanks to our advanced vision inspection systems

  • State-of-the art manufacturing facilities

  • Increased productivity for your business ; our solutions are highly efficient on filling lines

  • Up to 30% lower weight (and even more with our new snap cap range ) closures, saving energy and lowering your carbon footprint

We understand your business

Most dairy products are sold in cartons or HDPE bottles, although there is increasing usage of PET bottles with 38mm 3 or 2 start-off tread. HDPE packaging generally features a customised neck. Sterilised and ultra-high temperature (UHT) products require solutions that can cope with difficult packing conditions and delicate filling lines.

UNITED CAPS is continually innovating to maintain our position as the supplier of choice of advanced closure systems for existing and emerging dairy product offerings. Our original 38 PROFLATSEAL (S/L) cap is extremely reliable and allows fillers to select the most ideal closure to meet their specific requirements. It has set new standards in the industry and continues to be very well received. Our new 38 PROSAFE product features a double inner skirt to provide a more performant seal than any other closure currently available for 38 Tetratop finish bottles. UNITED CAPS’s state-of-the-art 38 PROLINE closure has been especially devised to assure reliable and efficient capping of sensitive non-carbonated beverages, such as milks. Solutions such as these expand our already significant portfolio for the dairy market and strengthen our reputation as being a trustworthy and professional supplier.

Contact us to discuss how our solutions can meet your existing offerings and upcoming developments.

Customers who already benefit from our innovative offerings for the dairy products sector include: Candia, Danone, Emmi, Friesland Campina, Les Mousquetaires, Group Lactalis, Migros, Lactinov, Terra Lacta, Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods.

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