UNITED CAPS strives to always act in a socially responsible manner. This is especially true with regards to protecting the environment. Based on our experience, we have redesigned existing caps/closures so that they weigh less than traditional solutions – this provides further evidence of the emphasis we place on continual innovation. Offerings under the new UNITED CAPS GREEN banner use less plastic, take advantage of emerging raw materials and require less energy to produce. Lighter in weight, they also offer energy savings during transportation and application at the customer site. For some sensitive products, a special stacking method has been conceived to further optimise how they are transported in terms of quantity per pallet. It also ensures they always maintain their form. UNITED CAPS GREEN products boast a unique logo to make them easily recognizable.

Examples of the substantial savings UNITED CAPS GREEN offers:


UNITED CAPS GREEN is just one prong of our approach to limiting our impact on the environment and helping customers decrease their carbon footprint. We also have specific initiatives in place to reduce waste and lower energy consumption:

  • All factory-generated rejects are recycled; they are either regrind and used internally or recycled by third parties.
  • Heat created by chillers and compressors is recuperated; no heating (oil/gas) is required to heat our facilities.
  • All UNITED CAPS plants are ISO 14001 Certified. In just 3 years, we have lowered our energy consumption by 5%. We also reduced waste by 40%.
  • We focus on using electrical injection moulding machines in all plants, where possible – this is already true for 25% of our equipment. The move has enabled us to decrease electrical consumption (during the injection process) by up to 65%. It also means we require less cooling water for machines. 
  • UNITED CAPS limits business travel for employees. When required, travel is by train. An advanced videoconferencing system enables cross-Group collaboration, as well as with external parties. 
The above represents just a few examples of how we seek to make our products and operations ever-more environmentally friendly, on an on-going basis. 

Products confirm with UNITED CAPS’s GREEN process:

The following products confirm with UNITED CAPS's GREEN process, please click for additional product information:

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