Features & Benefits



  • new and reliable TE band: folded snap/slitted ‘flexband’
  • very high resistance to stress cracking
  • full chemical barrier creates leak-proof,
    safe packaging solution
  • a closure to suit all > 2 liter capacity containers
    in HDPE/Co-ex/PET
  • continuous sealing following first opening
  • integrated foil cutter

  • compatible with broad range of liners (IHS and PE foam)
  • easy implementation due to standard overall dimensions
  • suitable for packaging of agro chemical powders and liquids
  • wide range of standard colours available
  • easy integration into family range of product packaging
  • tampo printing possible
Product safety
  • compliant with UN guidelines for the transportation of
    dangerous goods (mechanical tests and chemical resistance)
  • safe handling on automatic capping equipment
  • total protection of your product
Capping line compatibility & efficiency
  • screwing: cone or jaw system
  • sorter: centrifuge or waterfall type

End user

Confidence & safety

  • leak-proof, safe packaging solution
  • continuous sealing following first opening
  • visible tamper evidence on first opening (TE band bridges
    break when unscrewing the closure, band drops down)
  • easy to use with integrated foil cutter
  • special design of ribs improves grip
  • enhanced product recognition (colours, printing and outer shape design)
Environmental friendly
  • easy to clean and recycle