Our products have been designed with a wide range of automotive applications in mind, including motor oils/lubricants, additives, screen washer, polish and break fluids. We continually track market developments to ensure that we devise performant solutions for evolving and emerging applications, making us your ideal partner for reliable caps and closures for the automotive sector. UNITED CAPS’s expansive assortment meets all local legal requirements. There is a solution for almost any container and our closures fit most filling systems.

One of the reasons customers opt for UNITED CAPS’s exceptional solutions is because we offer a wider range of liners for automotive products, including induction heat-seal liners, standard foam, barrier and venting liners that can be used with polyethylene (PE), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), co-extrusion (EVPE) and fluorinated PE bottles. Our highly secure 38mm closure comprises a snap/slitted TE (tamper evident) band and has a reputation in the market for reliable performance.

To ensure potentially hazardous products remain protected in domestic settings, we also offer a dedicated selection of child resistant closures (CRC) for reclosable packages. These are available in a choice of diameters and colours, and combine child resistance with tamper evidence. All our CRC solutions can be combined with induction heat seal liners as well as standard foam, barrier and venting liners.

We provide:

  • Flexible service, short lead times and competitive pricing thanks to our highly efficient production lines

  • A complete range of liners (standard, HIS, lift ‘n peel, venting) via our multipurpose lining machine

  • Solutions for a broad spectrum of containers

  • High resistance to stress cracking due to specially selected raw material grades

  • Standard external dimensions so no adaption of capping lines is required. Interchangeable closures offer unique benefits with regards to supply.

  • Better protection of dangerous products; complete CRC range features tamper evidence

  • Compliance with UN testing

  • An inclusive set of certificates for faster, more secure and easier introduction of new products

  • Well-established proven experience in liners for chemicals resulting in extensive range available

We understand your business

UNITED CAPS invests heavily in research and development (R&D) to continually innovate and provide advanced closures. We are currently looking to broaden our portfolio for the automotive sector with constructive solutions that would exceed the performance of existing closures at a more competitive price, with no alteration to capping lines required. 50 PROPETROL is just one example of how we are achieving this. A 50mm closure for motor oil and lubricant packaging, 50 PROPETROL offers real ease of use for the end user thanks to its target-oriented pouring and flow regulation feature.

Contact us to discuss how our solutions can meet the specific needs of your existing and forthcoming products.

Customers who already benefit from our innovative offerings for this sector include: Cargill, Castrol, Cheminova, Lescot, Mitan, Pentosin and PVG.

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