UNITED CAPS is the European leader in the design and production of plastic caps and closures for herb and spice containers. We also offer a range of user-friendly closures for sauces, such as salad dressings, mayonnaises and ketchups, as well as for culinary powders and dry sauces.

Herbs & Spices

Our advanced flip-top caps for 38mm and 63mm SP400 necks are recognised in the market as being extremely efficient and reliable, both technically and in terms of quality. We provide standard grinders as well as developing bespoke solutions. Many of our unique designs exist in the market today. We are especially known for our original and attractive grinder designed specifically for established spice brand McCormick.

Fitting both polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and glass jars, our 38 & 63 2-WING family of lighter-weight flip-top closures offers a further environmental dimension without compromising on quality. The caps are designed to be ergonomic and easy to use for the end consumer. The cap allows sprinkling via a small flap or pouring using a larger one. The audible click on closing provides an assurance of a good seal. Closures can be combined with any of our large assortment of liners and foils to offer additional features, such as tamper evidence, and to ensure freshness.

Customers select our solutions because of the outstanding advantages they offer, including:

  • Capping line efficiency

  • Wide ‘process window’ thanks to a tolerant and reliable screwing and capping feature

  • No line retooling requirement, providing substantial savings in terms of ordering and inventory management

  • Attractive modern design that delivers a consistent appearance to large and small packaging

  • Longer shelf life as a result of strong hinges and/or a hard resin used for the grinder, for example

  • Wide range for liners and foils for tamper evidence and sealing in freshness

  • Wide choice of colours

We also offer:

  • Guaranteed quality for food safety thanks to our advanced vision inspection systems

  • State-of-the art manufacturing facilities

  • Increased productivity for your business; our solutions offer high efficiency on your filling lines

  • Up to 25% lower weight closures, saving energy and lowering your carbon footprint

We understand your business

As interest in healthier lifestyles and less-processed food grows, consumers turn to home cooking and look for more natural ingredients, such as herbs & spices to deliver functional value. The market is a growing sector which will continue to require novel solutions that differentiate products. We are the primary provider of these solutions to customers across Europe and are also a world leader in the development of designs according to strict specifications. UNITED CAPS invests heavily in research and development (R&D) to continually offer advanced flip-top closures. For example, a new ingenious grinder is currently under development to add to our 2-WING range. Check in regularly for news, we are confident you’ll like what you see.

Contact us to discuss how our solutions can meet the specific needs of your existing and forthcoming products.

Customers who already benefit from our innovative offerings for this sector include British Pepper and Spice and McCormick.

Sauces & Culinary Condiments

UNITED CAPS designs and produces creative and attractive solutions for sauces and culinary condiments. We share our expansive knowledge of potential bespoke solutions with premium brands. Many key players in this sector use the now well-known ‘gherkin lift’ pioneered by UNITED CAPS. It can be supplied as either a standard or bespoke solution. Caps and closures fit PET or glass bottles, jars or even tins. Today, they can be found on all sorts of packaging.

Popular with adults and children alike, sauces like ketchup and mayonnaise need to be in packaging accessible by almost all family members. Our innovative closures offer not just convenience, but feature a flip-top that requires less lifting force, making them easy for younger family members to open, pour from and close.

Our substantial presence in related sectors and immense experience is communicated via the cross-fertilisation of ideas and enables UNITED CAPS to devise ever-more novel products. We have substantial knowledge with regards to the development of solutions of ambient goods as well as frozen produce, with devices able to withstand even extremely low temperatures.

Customers select our solutions because of the outstanding advantages they offer, including:

  • Cost and capping line efficiency

  • No line retooling requirement, delivering substantial savings in terms of ordering and inventory management

  • Attractive modern design that provides a consistent appearance to large and small packaging

  • Wide choice of colours

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