Our 3 Pillars



We focus on insights-driven innovation for on-the-shelf impact


We optimise experiences throughout the product journey, from in the plant to, in the hand


We help meet today’s needs without compromising the future


We are passionate about creating products that breakthrough on the shelf. That passion is fuelled by outstanding insight. An experienced team, close to you, is uniquely able to respond to consumer trends and meet them with beautiful solutions.

We are experienced in anticipating industry requirements and bring technology to market ahead of the curve, offering value based solutions that deliver a competitive edge for our customers.

Today, many of the world’s biggest brands, across a host of industries chose UNITED CAPS to meet their closure needs. Be that an off-the-shelf solution from our carefully curated portfolio that offers on-the-shelf differentiation or a Bespoke closures like those developed for McCormick, Wattwiller, and Dow - the companies we keep underline the faith put in UNITED CAPS ability to generate differentiated products attuned to individual needs. 50% of our products are bespoke to an individual customer, when Nestlé wanted to create a Golden Moment, they came to UNITED CAPS.

Learn more about our bespoke and innovative closures here.


Our products are the gateway to the product experience,  they enhance that experience for customers and consumers alike. From in the plant, to in the hand, we take care to ensure that every step of the product journey is optimised.

With ATC teams continuously improving customer productivity, our products integrate seamlessly into the production facilities of our customers with minimal implementation effort.

We have superb relationships with machine manufacturers enabling us to maximise performance on the production line are one of only two companies worldwide to invest in in-house Lab capper technology to better aid the development of high performing closures

Nearly 80 years of experience working with plastic means we have an unparalleled understanding of the material and how we can manipulate it into award winning closures. That expertise results in market leading closures like our breakthrough GREENCAP closure.  We’re able to make lighter, more secure closures with greater functionality and ease of use.

All UNITED CAPS facilities are ISO 14001 certified and comply with BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials and also conform to the hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) preventative approach to food safety.


We didn’t inherit the planet from our parents. It’s on loan from our children.

As a family business nothing matters more to us than the next generation. So at UNITED CAPS, we believe that our closures should differentiate today and sustain tomorrow.

That's why we have increased capital expenditure to augment capabilities and infrastructure with the goal of  delivering ever more sustainable closure technologies. We help meet today’s needs without compromising the future.

Our industry leading R&D team is working at the cutting edge. We have developed expertise in the use of advanced renewable materials yielding exciting opportunities for innovation like our range of GREENER closures produced from Bio-sourced plastic that deliver the same outstanding performance as our traditional range.

And that's not all we're doing -  our closure solutions, including innovations like GREENCAP reduce emissions, lower weights and thus transportation costs, resulting in reduced environmental impact and diminished operating costs over the capping process.

Our own production facilities and plants continuously seek to reduce our energy consumption. This has had the effect of reducing our own carbon footprint by 14% in the last 3 years.  We place sustainability at the heart of everything we do. 

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