Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Continually conceiving novel solutions and developing more performant operational processes set us apart in our market. Our more than 75 years of experience working with plastic means we have a thorough understanding of the material and how we can manipulate it. We also fully understand how to combine it with other advantageous applications. UNITED CAPS experts are always available to offer advice and expertise to customers.


UNITED CAPS invests heavily in developing our people to remain skilled with the most advanced technologies and trends in our industry. We actively facilitate collaboration and the cross-fertilization of ideas between our specialists serving different industries. This process forms one part of our proven approach to development that assures you benefit from the most optimal solution for your application. 


Our laboratory and R&D facilities are equipped with ultramodern equipment, such as a Lab Capper, optimal 3D measuring device and advanced injection machines. Combined with our extensive expertise, these machines enable the continual design and improvement of original concepts. A high level CAD system allows complex designs, original shapes and creative styles to be simulated. UNITED CAPS has a reputation for designing attention-grabbing solutions that help customers’ products truly stand out. Realistic rendering of ideas and high-quality video can be provided to support internal and external promotional activities.


We enjoy close relationships with partners, including mould makers, resin producers, liner suppliers and capping and assembly machine manufacturers, with which we co-create for the future.


To complement our extensive expertise with high-speed production and large multi-cavity moulds, UNITED CAPS has developed, over many decades, means of creating additional value via other applications. These include In-mould labelling (IML), silkscreen printing, tampo-printing, offset, multi-component assembly, ultrasonic welding, folding/slitting Tamper evident bands, lining (food and non-food), bi-injection, thin-gauge parts.


During the last 3 years, UNITED CAPS’s edible oil closure for Lesieur (France)  was nominated for a packaging award as was our unique

29/25 PROSPRING solution.

Every year, UNITED CAPS is granted a number of patents for our innovative solutions. On average, we design and build 20 pilot moulds annually, 90 per cent of which will evolve into production moulds.

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