Safety, Quality & Environment


We can only achieve our mission by supplying the highest quality, secure caps and closures. We ensure this via the constant improvement of products based on in-house exchange of best practices and client feedback. Key performance indicators (KPIs) help keep us on track in this key area. We have also implemented procedures and processes to help us create and maintain optimal manufacturing conditions. 

All facilities are ISO 14001 certified and comply with BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials. This is particularly crucial for the solutions we provide for foodstuffs such as for infant milk manufacturers, a sector in which we are a market leader. Our facilities also conform to the hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) preventative approach to food safety.

Every employee is engaged in quality management and adheres to strict working practices and procedures. Training on this crucial topic is on-going and manuals are available around all facilities for consultation as required. Products are tested and controlled at all stages of the manufacturing process. Analysis is also carried out with regards to their transportation. UNITED CAPS has designed and developed our own series of professional testing apparatus to ensure assessment is thorough.


We put safety ahead of everything we do. This is true for our products as well as the working conditions in our facilities. All employees undergo a comprehensive safety training program when they join the company. We regularly engage in social dialogue with staff to continually enhance how we work, especially with regards to machine operation, in order to preserve their security while working with UNITED CAPS. 


UNITED CAPS’s facilities operate 24/7. We proactively seek to limit impact, in terms of noise and traffic, on the communities close by. Stringent regulations govern how and when employees enter our sites, as well as when deliveries are made or shipments removed for delivery to customers.

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