Looking for a closure that combines reliable performance with substantial capping-line efficiency? A cap that offers a great end-user experience and sets your brand apart? An environmentally-friendly solution that helps you to reduce your carbon footprint? UNITED CAPS has extensive experience in the design and development of plastic caps and closures for many applications in both the food and non-food sectors. Our specialists exchange ideas and intelligence to assure the most optimal solution for each application. Click on the links below to learn more about our expertise in your specific industry.


Our comprehensive range of highly reliable standard and bespoke solutions for carbonated and non-carbonated beverages, as well as liquid and powdered concentrates, preserve organoleptic qualities and enable cold aseptic filling. Staying ahead of sector trends, we are continually introducing novel inventions that set new standards in the market.


Already the market leader of closures for HDPE bottle for dairy products, we have broadened our expertise to create advanced caps and closures for other types of containers including cartons and PET bottles. Not only are our solutions competitively priced, but we are able to offer additional features, such as tamper evidence and decoration, embossing, printing and In-Mould Labelling. 


With a remarkable portfolio of one- and two-piece closures for oils, vinegars, dressing and sauces, UNITED CAPS today is proud to be the primary provider of solutions to premium brands in Europe. When first developed, our original CTC closure represented a revolution for the sector. Today, it is the market standard. Continually researching new ideas and concepts, we offer more environmentally-friendly solutions.


Many of our unique designs for herbs and spices exist in the market and we are considered the leading European supplier of caps and closures to this sector. We are especially known for our original and attractive grinder designed specifically for McCormick. UNITED CAPS also offers a range of user-friendly closures for sauces, such as salad dressings, mayonnaises and ketchups, as well as for culinary powders and dry sauces.


For more than 70 years, UNITED CAPS has been recognised as the market reference for snap caps and scoops for tins of infant milk powder. Our expertise extends beyond the product itself to encompass how you can best optimise your processes. Our original PROSCOOP device offers a highly versatile solution at a competitive price compared to customised designs. It allows packers to select specific dosage and handle length, with no need to invest in a tailor-made product.


UNITED CAPS is a leading provider of plastic twist-off (TO) closures for spreads and honeys. Our advanced developments are also found on packaging for instant powders (powdered beverages). We offer an expansive range of options for all main TO neck finishes, from 63mm to 110mm. All designs can be combined with any of our broad selection of liners and foils. Our latest green solution has been especially developed for 82 TO neck finish spread containers.


UNITED CAPS boasts one of the widest portfolios of both standard and tailor-made closure solutions for processed foods. Our devices can comprise multiple components and advanced features, as required. Utensils such as forks, picks and spoons can be integrated into the closure for added end-user convenience. Innovative use of decoration techniques (In-mould labelling (IML), silkscreen printing, tampo-printing, offset) make your product truly stand out.


UNITED CAPS currently is working on caps and closure solutions for pharmaceutical applications.


With a highly-secure, UN-approved closure to suit all containers, UNITED CAPS is the leading supplier of caps for Europe’s agro chemicals industry. We have designed a unique moulded TE band (ratchet- or snap-type) that is patented and sets the standard in Europe and the US.  A dedicated selection of child resistant closures (CRC) is available and combines child resistance with tamper evidence (TE). Based on our wide experience, we offer a selection of high-standard caps for 5, 10, 20 and 25 litre stackable, UN-compliant high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and co-extrusion (COEX) containers.


One of the reasons customers opt for UNITED CAPS’s exceptional solutions for the automotive sector is because we offer a wider range of liners, including induction heat-seal liners, standard foam, barrier and venting liners that can be used with polyethylene (PE), polyethylene terephthalate (PET), co-extrusion (EVPE) and fluorinated PE bottles. Our highly secure 38mm closure comprises a snap/slitted TE (tamper evident) band and has a reputation in the market for reliable performance. All caps and closures meet local legal requirements.


UNITED CAPS offers a complete range of solutions to meet all requirements for standard chemicals. Our extensive portfolio comprises closures to fit a variety of neck sizes, from 28 to 45/50mm, and a diverse number of containers, from 250ml jars to 20 litre flasks. Customers choose UNITED CAPS because we offer a wider range of liners. We can also satisfy local needs and standards based on your individual application with your choice of ratchet- or snap-type TE band.


Our advanced range of 28mm closures for the pharmaceutical sector has truly set us apart in the market. We also offer a dedicated selection of child resistant closures (CRC). With more than 20 years of experience in the design of plastic caps and closures to meet the highly specific needs of pharmaceutical packaging, we have created a portfolio of all-encompassing solutions that comprise the closure, relevant services and technical support. 


We have a number of research & development specialists dedicated to the cosmetics sector who are highly creative and will bring your ideas to life. Our all-inclusive services include foil-blocking, screen printing, pad printing, offset printing, metalizing, lacquering and more. A variety of assembly and labelling techniques combine with a range of technical solutions to meet every need. UNITED CAPS has a strong reputation in the market for transparency, mirror effect, surface appearance, gold and silver colours, heat sealing by induction, labellers, and more.

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