UNITED CAPS Supplier Code of Conduct

Our business philosophy, which is directly linked with our values, leads us to work with suppliers willing to meet our standards and specifications and committed to values compatible with ours.

This document clarifies for suppliers our expectations with regard to business practices, including their approach to human rights, the environment and ethical practices aligned with legal requirements and international good practice.

All UC suppliers are expected to apply this Supplier Code of Conduct as follows:

Respect for people
Every employee should be treated fairly and respectful at work.
Discrimination or harassment of any kind (age, race, sex, religion, social origin, hiring, pay, ...) is prohibited.

Safety of people has priority over all other parameters (financial efficiency, convenience, delay, ....)

Management staff shows exemplarity.

Improvement plans are implemented.

Products must be safe for health, environment and people.

Respect the Law
It is a minimum requirement to respect and obey applicable laws and regulations.
This includes Human rights Laws (labor legislation, exclusion of child/forced labor, non- discrimination, environmental, ...)

If the Supplier Code of Conduct establishes a higher standard than is required by applicable laws, UC expects its suppliers to apply the Supplier Code of Conduct. Where this could lead to a conflict with or violation of applicable laws or regulations, the supplierwill notify UC of the situation and explain how it intends to operate in a responsible manner.

Fair competition
Activity is always done in a fair attitude. This means that employees are required to conduct themselves in a fair and ethical manner to ensure that all business relations are treated with UNITED CAPS’s high standards of honesty and integrity.

The company must comply with competition laws.

Suppliers do not grant our employees any personal payment, specific benefit, gift or invitation except those of a symbolic value which may be interpreted as a mere expression of courtesy (below 50 € of estimated value).

Meals, accommodations and reception fees are allowed if they are necessary for the daily business and serve the interests of both UNITED CAPS and the Supplier.

When sharing confidential information with the Supplier, UNITED CAPS raises mutual confidentiality agreements that protect both parties and must be respected.

UNITED CAPS develop relations with its suppliers based on mutual trust and respect. We respect our contractual engagements and expect the same from our Suppliers.

Suppliers will have in place appropriate policies, management systems, procedures and staffing to meet the expectations of the UNITED CAPS Supplier Code of Conduct.

They will communicate to workers the standards to which they are committed, as well as relevant laws, regulations and protections.

They will notify UNITED CAPS of any legal actions against them by the authorities for violations of human rights, environmental laws or anti-corruption or bribery laws.

UNITED CAPS reserves the right to request and receive additional information from the supplier with regards to its management of relevant issues.
Suppliers are expected to assure that vendors providing them with services or products also apply these standards and provide this assurance to UNITED CAPS upon request.

UNITED CAPS reserves the right to audit the operations, records, policies and procedures of the supplier and to conduct confidential worker interviews in connection with such audits.

If requested, suppliers will disclose to UNITED CAPS information related to their supply chain, including counties of origin of materials or services used in products supplied to UNITED CAPS.

UNITED CAPS reserves the right to disclose this information publically.

UNITED CAPS, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to suspend or to terminate its relationship with a supplier if the supplier refuses to consent to the UNITED CAPS Code of Conduct or to take the appropriate steps to come into compliance.

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