PROCAP unveils ‘one size fits all’ cap for soft drinks market

Time and cost savings for fillers, easier opening for consumers


Wiltz, 07 January 2013 - PROCAP, a major European manufacturer of plastic caps and closures, has launched its new 28-1881 PROSPARK, designed for the full range of PET bottle drinks from still water to high-carbonated soft drinks.

The light ‘one size fits all’ closure, ideal for the 28-1881 neck finish, features a high CO2 retention that makes it suitable for a wide range of drinks with CO2 volumes of up to 8.5g/l. And that means fillers can save time and costs by being able to order a single cap for a range of different products, while the standard dimensions of the cap mean they don’t have to retool the filling line.

The 28-1881 PROSPARK combines ease of use, confidence and safety for both manufacturer and consumers. There’s an improved grip which makes it easy for consumers, from small children to the elderly, to open the bottle.

In addition, the closure has a wide seal angle controlled by an outer mark to assure the quality of the seal.

The new cap is fully compliant with BSDA standards, providing assurance about the reliability and efficiency of the closure for both fillers and consumers.

“We are constantly working together with the fillers to help them increase their productivity. Having a uniform cap for the soft drinks market is another big step forward for the industry. But also consumers profit from it. They now have a new, easy to use and safe cap on the drinks they love”, states Lionel Bonvalot, Product Marketing Manager from PROCAP.

PROCAP is a dynamic and flexible family group that specialises in the development, production and sale of plastic caps and closures. Offering a total service and customer satisfaction is one of their core values. PROCAP manufactures a wide range of caps and closures for the food, drinks, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and DIY sectors. The company, with headquarters in Luxembourg, has offices in Belgium, France, Hungary, Luxembourg, Spain and Ireland. PROCAP's turnover amounts to 100 million Euros and employs 400 people. 

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