A full product range for bottled waters (29/25 neck finish)!

UNITED CAPS is introducing a comprehensive, standard product line for the (still) bottled water segment (29/25 neck finish). The line includes the 29/25 PROSPRING sports cap and the 29/25 PROGRIP traditional flat cap.



  • no constraints re preform choice
    (reliable TE band with or without optional step)

Capping line efficiency

  • number of crooked caps below 1/10,000

Capping line compatibility

  • sorter: centrifuge and waterfall type

  • screwing: cone or jaw system

Lightweight closure

  • 3.0g

Easy recyclability

  • mono-piece (one resin only)


End User


  • one-hand opening (TE tab/dust cover)

  • advanced hinge feature

  • soft opening

  • easy to find TE tab


  • dust cover opens in more than 180º angle

  • ‘click’ feedback for closed/open dust cover position

  • ergonomic shape of thumb tab

  • TE tab remains attached to closure after opening

 First-opening guarantee

  • TE band bridges break before losing the seal

  • drop of TE band when bridges are broken

  • deformation of TE tab after first opening

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