28-1881 PROSPARK

A unique solution for a complete range of beverages!

UNITED CAPS sets a new standard in the beverages segment with the launch of its new 28-1881 PROSPARK closure for the full range of beverages in PET bottles: from still waters to high carbonated soft drinks (CSD).



  • one closure covers full beverage range (from still to high-sparkling) up to 8.5g/l CO2

  • suitable for bottled waters as organoleptic resin is used

Lightweight closure

  • 2.0g


  • easy implementation thanks to standard closure dimensions

  • wide seal angle

Safety, reliable and efficient closure assurance

  • BSDA compliant

  • high stress-cracking resistant resin used

Capping line efficiency

  • number of crooked caps below 1/20,000

  • outer mark to master the quality of the sealing

Capping line compatibility

  • sorter: centrifuge and waterfall type

  • screwing: cone or jaw system

Brand reinforcement

  • easy printing on the top of the closure

  • wide range of standard colours available


End User


  • easy opening by low opening torque

  • special design of ribs/grooves offers improved grip

Confidence and safety

  • closure will not burst open during opening, even under high pressure

  • BSDA compliant

First-opening guarantee

  • TE band bridges break before seal is lost

  • TE band drops down when bridges are broken

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