UNITED CAPS Position Statement on Coronavirus COVID-19 situation

LUXEMBOURG | 3rd September 2020

At UNITED CAPS we are working to ensure that we continue to respond effectively to the Covid-19 (coronavirus) outbreak.

With lockdown measures in many countries starting to be adjusted, UNITED CAPS is monitoring and responding to developments. Our business continuity response teams have taken additional steps to protect the UNITED CAPS family of customers, suppliers, team members and the communities of which we are part. 

What we’ve learned together has helped us all develop the best practices that are assisting enormously in our global response.

We have taken appropriate precautions, including implementing alternative work arrangements at our facilities and offices, limiting travel, and enhancing hygiene procedures.

We’re bringing the same creativity and passion to meeting this challenge that we do in everything else we undertake and are supplying at normal levels, providing many of the products essential to our way of life.  Every day, we are inspired by and grateful for; the commitment shown by our employees to support our markets during these unprecedented times.


UNITED CAPS Reinforces Global Presence with Asia showcases at Dairy Asia Pacific Summit and Shanghai World of Packaging

UNITED CAPS is taking part in two international trade shows at the end of November.
On November 21st and 22nd, UNITED CAPS will exhibit at the 6th Dairy Asia Pacific Summit,  One Farrer Hotel in Singapore.  Nele Stevens, Product Marketing Manager and Sébastien Hottlet, Business Director APAC will be featured presenters on their topic “Designed for Dairy : A Customer Oriented Approach to the Development of Innovative Closures” at the show. Come find us both days on booth F.

Hot on the heels of that event will be another demonstration of UNITED CAPS global reach when representatives will attend the Shanghai World of Packaging trade show at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre from November 25th to November 28th. An innovative portfolio of packaging solutions will be displayed on booth N2A44.

One of the most easily anticipated highlights of both events will be the introduction of our new arrival in Asia, 127 SAFE-TE. First presented during the inauguration of UNITED CAPS production facility in Asia, in Kulim, Malaysia, 127 SAFE-TE is a closure that promises to breathe new life into baby food safety and convenience. Experts will be on hand to demonstrate and answer questions about the impenetrable security features and on-shelf stand-out of this innovation

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A Historic Day For UNITED CAPS.

October 17th represented a historic day for the entire UNITED CAPS organisation with simultaneous events being held all over the globe to mark the twin occasions of the organisation’s 80th Birthday and the inauguration of the new factory in Kulim, Malaysia; The first built outside of continental Europe.

UNITED CAPS employees marked this legacy of progress with celebratory events and gifts followed by the entire organisation tuning in live to witness CEO Benoit Henckes deliver a landmark speech inaugurating the facility via live feed.

Henckes in front of a Malaysian audience that included local dignitaries, customers and media remarked how the convergence of the 80th birthday with the Kulim opening represented the transformation of UNITED CAPS from a regional into a global player.  “The end of one era and the birth of an exciting new one.”

A website showcasing key moments from UNITED CAPS’s proud history along with a video featuring people from UNITED CAPS predicting what the next 80 years might look like was unveiled and can be found here.

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UNITED CAPS unveil ‘Born Ready” Tethered Closures at K-Show Dusseldorf.

The world’s number one fair for the plastics and rubber industry in Dusseldorf was the showcase for the unveiling of UNITED CAPS’ much heralded UC-TC range of Tethered Closures.

A UC-TC showcase on two partner booths - ACT (The Association for Closure Tethering) Group partners Krones and LyondellBasell revealed three working designs, backed by customer testing that offer maximum compliance to forthcoming EU Single-Use Plastics legislation with minimum disruption.

Benoit Henckes, CEO UNITED CAPS commented that “Tethered closures are expected to be pivotal in changing public attitudes towards the use of single-use plastic as well as littering. But they do present challenges for the industry, specifically around cost of closures and the ease with which they can be integrated into the production process, including the potential need for retooling bottling machines,” Henckes added. “That is why we initiated ACT – to support better integration into the supply chain with a united, rather than standalone, solution. We are excited to introduce the “Born Ready” outcome of this collaboration to industry stakeholders at K 2019.”


A Parliamentary Visit In Messia – Friday 26th Of July 2019 

On Friday, July 26th 2019, UNITED CAPS Messia played host to a visit from Deputy Danielle Brulebois, a member of the French Commission on Sustainable Development and Spatial Planning.

The objective of this visit was for UNITED CAPS to highlight sustainable practices across all plants and discuss with Ms. Brulebois the subjects of sustainability and recyclability within the Plastic Packaging Industry.

Such visits reflect the UNITED CAPS commitment to leadership in both thought and deed around issues of Sustainability.



UNITED CAPS will once again showcase industry leading closures at ProPak Asia. Taking part at the largest industry event in Asia for the 3rd time provides a fantastic opportunity to connect with and ‘get close’ to Asian customers.

Held between the 12th and 15th of June in Bangkok, Thailand, UNITED CAPS will exhibit an extensive closure portfolio, highlighting total packaging solutions for Infant Nutrition brands such as premium one-handed hinged experience PROTECSCOOP and The Kinder Cap - GREENCAP.  Other offerings showcased include both GREENER closures that don’t just look good but that do good as well, alongside SMARTER closures that make it easier to quickly identify a genuine product.


UNITED CAPS to Deliver Key Speech at the Plastic Closure Innovations Conference 2019 in Barcelona.

UNITED CAPS are set to deliver a speech entitled “Meeting Today’s Needs Without Compromising the Future” at the Plastic Closure Innovations Conference in Barcelona on 3-5 June at 10:10.  Themes explored will encompass how lessons from UNITED CAPS proud 80 year history can help shape breakthrough closure innovation today and into the future.

Additionally, examples from the UNITED CAPS portfolio of innovative closures across sectors as diverse as Edible Oils to Baby Foods will be showcased to the audience consisting of leading members of the packaging industry.



UNITED CAPS is once again showcasing its breakthrough innovation portfolio at the 2019 DAIRY INNOVATION SUMMIT held at the Steigenberger Airport Hotel in Amsterdam on 3-4 April.

2019 represents the second time UNITED CAPS will showcase at the popular Amsterdam Summit following a successful debut in 2018 and the company looks forward to once again presenting its expertise in the development of differentiating total packaging solutions.



On Friday November, 30th 2018, UNITED CAPS celebrated the production of the 10 billionth closure. UNITED CAPS group CEO Benoit Henckes and Duna plant’s director Szabolcs Szili led the celebrations at our DUNA plant in Hungary as colleagues and media gathered for the big reveal.

Discover the key moments of the 10 billion closure event and learn how we make the best closures 10 billion time through the speeches of Mr Henckes and Mr Szili.

 Link to photo galery


SEP 2018 - UNITED CAPS Announcement - Nicolaus Schröder

UNITED CAPS are delighted to announce that Nicolaus Schröder will be joining our Beverage Segment Development Team as a Consultant and Advisor from September 2018.

Nico is a highly experienced, premium calibre talent acquisition joining from Coca-Cola where he has held multiple roles over 24 years.

He is excited to begin making contact with you regarding closure projects on our behalf and a customer outreach program representing UNITED CAPS in his new post will commence from September 2018.

Naturally Nico will fully adhere to the confidentiality agreements in place between your organisation and UNITED CAPS.

The acquisition of Nico, represents a significant strengthening of the UNITED CAPS beverage development team and underscores how the UNITED CAPS brand along with the Relate, Perform, Sustain platform is attracting the industry's best talent to help develop industry leading closures and drive significant mutually beneficial growth.

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