SEP 2018 - UNITED CAPS Announcement - Nicolaus Schröder

UNITED CAPS are delighted to announce that Nicolaus Schröder will be joining our Beverage Segment Development Team as a Consultant and Advisor from September 2018.

Nico is a highly experienced, premium calibre talent acquisition joining from Coca-Cola where he has held multiple roles over 24 years.

He is excited to begin making contact with you regarding closure projects on our behalf and a customer outreach program representing UNITED CAPS in his new post will commence from September 2018.

Naturally Nico will fully adhere to the confidentiality agreements in place between your organisation and UNITED CAPS.

The acquisition of Nico, represents a significant strengthening of the UNITED CAPS beverage development team and underscores how the UNITED CAPS brand along with the Relate, Perform, Sustain platform is attracting the industry's best talent to help develop industry leading closures and drive significant mutually beneficial growth.

OCT 2017 - UNITED CAPS Continues to grow by taking over the plastic closures division of Closures4you

The acquisition from Closures4you in October 2017 is the next step in UNITED CAPS’ comprehensive growth strategy and extends its market share significantly. 

UNITED CAPS will start to supply customers of its former competitor Closures4you from the German plant UNITED CAPS Schwerin, where the Group will invest in several new production lines to fulfil the ever growing demand on the German market. Read more here

OCT 2017 - A Real Contribution to Our Value Chain

UNITED CAPS partners with a wide variety of international companies enabling them to evolve and extend their packaging solutions and to maintain their market leading positions through the design and supply of outstanding customised and non-bespoke closures.

These partnerships form the cornerstone of our ‘close to you’ strategic focus. A differentiating  ability to relate to customers through attention to insight-driven innovation for on-the-shelf impact is what enables us to create breakthrough on the shelf.

Building that insight and understanding of market trends comes from a lot of time listening to our customers. Recently, we sat down with a host of key players from across a variety of industries to explore how our partnerships were impacting their businesses. This is what they told us:


AUG 2017 - UNITED CAPS awarded by WYETH Nutritionals Singapore

With a long and storied history as a supplier to the food industry, and an exceptional ability to relate to customers and meet their needs with innovative solutions, it stands to reason that UNITED CAPS know a thing or two about food hygiene. That expertise was recently recognised by Wyeth Nutritionals Singapore who awarded UNITED CAPS a Certificate of Excellence for initiatives to prevent foreign objects in products supplied to the infant nutrition business.

The initiatives described as ’remarkable’ by Wyeth Nutritionals include the pallet-free production area thanks to automated conveyor belt systems.

The award represents more exciting news for UNITED CAPS in Asia as the investment in a new purpose built factory in Malaysia continues to progress well.

JUN 2017 - New Corporate Movie - A Story of Innovation and Growth

The UNITED CAPS story is one of innovation and growth, transforming from a small family business into a respected and value adding, global, caps and closures partner to some of the worlds biggest companies, building scale, experience and expertise along the way.

Our new corporate movie showcases that journey showing how our family has grown to over 500 people and reveals that we’re only just getting started - the next steps in our journey are even more exciting.


MAY 2017 - UNITED CAPS Continues to Scale Up. Acquires Dewit Plastics’ Caps, Closures and Handles Business.

The acquisition from Dewit Plastics of its caps, closures and handles business in May 2017 not only extends the range of offerings from UNITED CAPS but also represents a clear growth milestone and statement of intent from the Board of Directors.

The inclusion of screw, tamper-evidence (TE) and child-resistant (CRC) closures as well as handles for large containers extends the range of offerings and provide further opportunities to strengthen already close relationships with customers.


Today, UNITED CAPS unveiled and officially inaugurated its new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Schwerin, northern Germany. Currently equipped to produce closures for the beverages sector, the 10,000 m² plant will allow the company to capture business in the German beverages industry. Its location will also help UNITED CAPS realise and fulfil international opportunities, particularly in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.

The entire facility features two production halls, 12 silos and a hygiene sluice that ensures compliance with strict BRC Global Standards. The construction of two further manufacturing halls is planned for the future. The flow of goods has been designed for optimal productivity. Using a heat recovery system to heat the entire plant makes operations environmentally friendly.

UNITED CAPS acquired Schoeller Caps Systems (SCS) in Schwerin in 2013. The new Schwerin factory will help UNITED CAPS further complete its global footprint by being even closer to customers and meeting their needs wherever they are. It puts the company in an ideal position to fulfil its ambition of becoming the industry reference for plastics caps and closures for customers globally.


With a new growth strategy, the company strives for even greater innovation excellence and increased customer proximity to help it achieve its aim of becoming the industry reference for plastic caps and closures for customers globally.

The official announcement of the new name and strategy was made at an international invitation-only press event at one of the company’s recently refurbished and extended manufacturing facilities in Hoboken, Belgium.

“Our move to becoming UNITED CAPS sets our direction for the future. It’s the beginning of the path to expanding our horizons. It represents our efforts to truly unite all the companies we’ve brought together. To create one culture, one DNA across the global group. We intend to partner with customers wherever they need us. Customer relationship management will be a central focus point – along with managing our portfolio, making operational efficiency gains and managing our innovation pipeline. We’ll be looking to increase the number of global accounts we already serve and grow the segments we’re active in. These are exciting times for our company and this move is just the first step” - Benoît Henckes, CEO, UNITED CAPS.


Proprietary approach to research & development, design and testing assures faster development of high-quality solutions, saving time and costs for customers.

PROCAP has once more enhanced its unique Lab Capper system to offer more intense and comprehensive testing of caps and closures. The Lab Capper replicates conditions found at the customer site to enable assessment of how its caps and closures will perform once introduced to capping lines. Testing in such a laboratory setting enables changes and adjustments to be made to shape or design quickly and with no disruption to lines or customers’ businesses.

To date, PROCAP is the only producer of plastic caps and closures in Europe to own such a system and be able to offer such a beneficial service.

The Lab Capper was developed and first introduced in mid-2012. PROCAP will continue to enhance the system and service it offers to provide even greater value to customers, expand its business and stay ahead of market demands. It represents just one prong of the company’s growth strategy of continual learning and the ongoing enhancement of its global service model.


Innovative technologies, processes and products have enabled the company to reduce CO² emissions. It’s also helping customers realise similar results.

The latest carbon impact study (2012) from PROCAP shows that the company has achieved an impressive 15% reduction in carbon equivalent from the transformation of resin into products since 2008. PROCAP has witnessed significant economic growth during this timeframe; however, this has not been mirrored by an increase in CO² emissions. Between 2008 and 2012, PROCAP increased sales from 4.8 to 6.4 billion caps. Despite this rise in production, its CO² footprint remained stable.

With the aim to ensure all sites were ISO 14001 certified, PROCAP first evaluated its environmental impact as a Group in 2008. Three main areas were identified where savings could be made: energy consumption, final waste and plastic scraps. These have been the principal points of focus.

PROCAP’s efforts in this area are ongoing and it expects to be able to report further reductions in the future.

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