Our vision is a BETTER UNITED, one where our products are made from better plastics and our people have better prospects and we’re looking for folks who can help build it.

It takes a diverse team to do extraordinary work. That’s why UNITED CAPS welcomes people not just for who they are, but for what they want to become.


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A Place to Belong

Every day is different at UNITED CAPS and that makes the difference. Work takes on a new meaning when it’s focussed on building connections that last.

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An R&D Story

Over 50% of what we sell is a product that we’ve specially innovated for a customer. If you want to really want to understand how to add value for some of the biggest brands in the world, how to dive into the details that make a difference and be super-creative, then this is the place.

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Working Together to Solve Impossible Challenges. Golden Moments at UNITED CAPS are created from a combination of inspiration and perspiration.

We advocate ideas, contest points of view and ultimately build on each other’s thinking to come up with the best solution. Cross-functional collaboration is crucial at UNITED CAPS, because no one team is responsible for a product or a service on its own. Dozens of specialist teams may be needed for even a single key component of a new product. Yet each team works with a shared purpose — create an extraordinary user experience

Check out the story of how our teams created a Golden Moment for Nescafe.

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What you work for should reflect what you stand for. Our values are part of everything we build here — including careers.



For everything we create, we consider its impact — on our customers, our colleagues and our planet. The same innovation that goes into making our products goes into taking on issues we care about deeply, such as accessibility, equity, privacy and the environment.

Everyone joins UNITED CAPS for a reason. Often it’s because they found a company that aligns with their own values.

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Benoit Henckes
Benoit Henckes, Chief Executive Officer UNITED CAPS

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At UNITED CAPS we don’t just look at who you are, we consider what you can become.

Inclusion empowers our innovation.

Different people with different experiences from different backgrounds coming together help create solutions never seen before. That’s why we continue to strengthen our long-standing commitment to efforts such as inclusive hiring and development and equitable pay for all.

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For UNITED CAPS, Close to You means being present wherever our customers need us. As a global company, we are located in multiple countries providing great opportunities for those seeking mobility.

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People with a passion for creating quality products, who are focused on delivering real customer service and who want to be proud of the work they do.

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