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UNITED CAPS assures reliability in ELSA’s highly automated environment.

Production facilities featuring high levels of automation require a closure that can assure a very low number of crooked caps. 38 PROFLATSEAL is that solution. Estavayer Lait (ELSA), a Swiss market player for dairy products, chose 38 PROFLATSEAL for its Migros brand of yoghurt drinks for that reason. 38 PROFLATSEAL also offers an extremely tight fit, making it a highly reliable closure solution that offers consumers real confidence in the end product.

Strict quality requirements no challenge for Abbott Nutrition thanks to UNITED CAPS.

Looking to meet extremely strict quality requirements for cans of infant milk powder, particularly in Singapore, Abbott Nutrition turned to UNITED CAPS. Our highly performant 127 GREENCAP for cans made of tin and aluminium provide the ideal cap. Lighter in weight, these caps also represent a more environmentally-friendly solution.

UNITED CAPS features ultra-easy-to-open bottles for Wattwiller mineral waters

In need of a unique, ergonomic closure for its bottles of mineral water that could be delivered within a short timeframe, Wattwiller approached UNITED CAPS. The petal-flower design of our bespoke 1881 closure is not only eye-catching, but allows end users to open bottles with very little effort. Given its success in the market, the SPADEL Group, that owns Wattwiller, is looking to develop other similarly exceptional closures for different containers in the future.

UNITED CAPS provides BASF with a premium solution

Our meticulous selection of raw material suppliers helps ensure that our 63mm PROSLIT screw closures are highly resistant to stress cracking. That’s why chemical company BASF chose them for the ECO range of coex containers of agro chemicals. Our advanced solution offers notable improvements in line performance. PROSLIT demonstrates UNITED CAPS’s extensive capacity for devising superior solutions for existing applications and makes us the number one supplier of such products to BASF.

Nestlé confident of continuity with UNITED CAPS.

UNITED CAPS is supplying Nestlé, the world's leading nutrition, health and wellness company, with a unique 40mm tamper evident screw cap specifically for HDPE bottles containing liquid food. The use of HDPE replaces traditional glass bottles. The caps are supplied to Nestlé’s Biessenhofen facility, the company’s second largest factory in Germany. The high quality of our R&D capabilities offered Nestlé the necessary confidence to entrust this important project to us. Our good client relationship and clear communication also supported Nestlé’s choice of supplier to assure the continuity of the endeavour.

UNITED CAPS makes COTY bottles beautiful.

Requiring a closure for a new specific design of glass bottle, Coty, global beauty and fragrance manufacturer, asked its already trusted supplier UNITED CAPS to devise an optimal solution. The Astor nail polish brand now features a premium UNITED CAPS closure (BV0133B, PPHH). The solution confirmed Coty’s faith in UNITED CAPS as the ideal partner for new projects. It also helps us further our position as a prominent supplier for premium cosmetics brands.

Able to adjust, UNITED CAPS again impresses LESIEUR.

Already a trusted and preferred development supplier to Lesieur, a leading French player in the vegetable oils and sauces sector, UNITED CAPS has further strengthened its relationship with the creation of a specific two-piece 29/21 closure for PET bottles. The innovative closure comprises a cap that can be rotated around the spout to adjust oil flow. The solution more than meets Lesieur’s high standards for sealing and perceived quality. It also exemplifies our experience and know-how in the edible oils market.

UNITED CAPS scoops a tender with Kerry Group.

Ireland-based Kerry Group, world leader in the baby food industry, called on UNITED CAPS to develop bespoke products for one of its Asian customers. The tailor-made 8.1ml scoop and embossed overcap meet the precise needs of BeingMate, a leading Chinese infant formula manufacturer. The partnership not only introduces UNITED CAPS to the Chinese market, but also puts us in an ideal position to support the development of Kerry Group’s intermediate moisture foods (IMF) business.

UNITED CAPS prevents oil leak for MIGASA

Struggling to attach caps to its glass bottles, MIGASA, Spain’s market leader in the edible oil sector, turned to UNITED CAPS. Our technical experts identified and solved the issue quickly with a more optimal closure. Our two-piece closure "29/21 PRO2P" (CV0290A) closure fits both glass Verplast and PET bottles and has been specifically designed for the edible oils market. Delighted with the solution and service, MIGASA has asked UNITED CAPS to design and deliver further closures for its operations in other manufacturing facilities.

UNITED CAPS drives scoop supply for Danone

Having proved that we could design and produce running moulds and stacking lines for measuring scoops for infant milk within a very short timeframe (6 months), we now supply Danone, a world leader in the food industry, with scoops for all its baby nutrition plants in Europe. The customised 9.5ml, 10ml and 10.5ml scoops are included in both metallic and composite cans. Today, UNITED CAPS is the preferred supplier for such scoops to Danone in Europe.

PROSPRING positions UNITED CAPS in Portugal

Our innovative 29/25 PROSPRING hinged cap for non-carbonated beverages has enabled UNITED CAPS to remain the sole supplier of this type of product to ÁGUA DO FASTIO, a leading seller of drinking water and related products in Portugal. The ergonomic closure has been specifically designed for 29/25 PET bottles and is extremely easy to open for end users. The deal with ÁGUA DO FASTIO provides UNITED CAPS with a significant presence in the Portuguese mineral water market and, supplying a premium brand, makes us a main reference. 

UNITED CAPS is just in time for INEX

Requiring a solution for its just-in-time demands, INEX NV, a producer of high-quality dairy products, turned to UNITED CAPS. Our novel "38 PROFLATSEAL" closure is now used for the large majority of INEX’s 2 litre HDPE containers of fresh milk. It has helped the customer not only increase the visibility of its products on the shelf but also heightened end-user awareness. It has also made UNITED CAPS a preferred supplier of such caps to the Inexco Group.