Features & Benefits


GREENCAP delivers a technology breakthrough, resulting in a unique PP blend that uses less plastic in the production process, helping baby food manufacturers to reduce their carbon footprints 

  • Cost efficient alternative to traditional closures 
  • No need to modify existing waterfall type sorter lines 
  • Beautifully balanced weight distribution reduces line stoppages 
  • Perfecting the centre of gravity allows faster packing 
  • Lightweight and easy to stack helps to reduce logistics costs

End User

GREENCAP is a kinder, more reliable and easier to use closure for the next generation around the world 

  • Reliable reseal after the first opening protects contents 
  • Easy to open even taking into account geographical differences in opening styles 
  • Easy to recycle and kinder to the environment for future generations

More Information

  • The GREENCAP range offers a superb colour range and engraving opportunities for great shelf standout