Features & Benefits



  • one closure covers full beverage range
    (from still to high-sparkling) up to 8.5g/l CO2
  • suitable for bottled waters as organoleptic resin is used 
Lightweight closure 
  • 2.0g
  • easy implementation thanks to standard closure
  • wide seal angle
Safety, reliable and efficient closure assurance
  • BSDA compliant
  • high stress-cracking resistant resin used
Capping line efficiency
  • number of crooked caps below 1/20,000
  • outer mark to master the quality of the sealing
Capping line compatibility
  • sorter: centrifuge and waterfall type
  • screwing: cone or jaw system
Brand reinforcement
  • easy printing on the top of the closure
  • wide range of standard colours available

End user


  • easy opening by low opening torque
  • special design of ribs/grooves offers improved grip
Confidence and safety
  • closure will not burst open during opening,
    even under high pressure
  • BSDA compliant
First-opening guarantee
  • TE band bridges break before seal is lost
  • TE band drops down when bridges are broken