Features & Benefits


A revolutionary 63mm TE closure solution for agro chemicals

  • to suit all >1lt capacity HDPE & Co-ex containers
  • simplified filling process (excluding IHS)
  • fully UN compliant using a standard multi-layer
    PE foam disk liner
  • conform to IATA for air shipment
  • easy integration into capping lines
    (overall standard dimensions)
  • high stress cracking resistance
    (low torque at point of initial screwing)
  • featuring end user ‘ease-of-use’
    (easy opening, closing & cleaning)
  • increased product safety, and improved
    total packaging recycling

End user

A differentiating total packaging solution whereby an innovative closure concept guarantees

  • overall product safety 
    (leakproof & safe packaging solution)
  • ease-of-use at point of use 
    (easy opening/closing by low screwing torque)
    (easy cleaning/recycling by excluding IHS)
  • a visible tamper evident solution, 
    (TE band drops down when bridges are broken)
  • re-usable & continuous sealing feature.

More information

UNITED CAPS obtained its current UN certification based on tests of a 5L HDPE and Co-ex AgriChem containers sporting the 63mm PROCURVE closure solution. At UN level 3H1/Y1.4/130 with H²O (water) the closure demonstrated screwing torque below 6.0Nm when initially screwed following filling. Torque this low makes it very easy for the end user to open manually.

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