Features & Benefits


Environmental responsibility

  • compliant with UNITED CAPS GREEN process

Lightweight closure
  • 38 GREENFLAP: 4.45 g
  • 63 GREENFLAP: 9.30 g
  • easy to implement thanks to standard closure
  • suitable for PET and glass jars
  • wide range of foils and liners available
Capping line efficiency and compatibility
  • tolerant and reliable screwing feature
  • sorter: centrifuge and waterfall-type
Brand reinforcement
  • attractive, modern design including a wide range
    of colours
  • same design for 2 necks: 38 and 63 mm
  • consistent appearance for small and large packaging

End user


  • small opening for sprinkling
  • large opening for pouring
  • easy-to-open flaps due to wide thumb tab and low
     opening strength needed
Confidence and Safety
  • safe and hygienic packaging via foil and liner use
  • audible ´click´ when closing flaps
  • strong hinge of flaps contribute to long shelf life
First-opening guarantee
  • tamper evident system provided by using
    foils and/or liners